Clams casino - im god (slowed 800 )

clams casino - im god (slowed 800 )

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Clams Casino - Im God (slowed 800 ) Video

Clams Casino - I'm God (Slowed Down)

Some of the biggest yellowfin tunas many of the newer crowd have experienced are here and still fishable- - finding a school of porpoise and working around the perimeters of them with either trolled plugs or cedar plug lures-, smal jet heads had the skippies on them.

Also getting in the middle o r get in front of the pack with dropped down live baits sardines or small greenbacks macs - fish up to 70 lbs reported- and a mix of Big eye tuna to boot-- prime areas have been from the it towards Clemete is.

Tag and release Ryan M. E-Mail from Genesis Team. Catches a Big Eye Tuna on the troll. An additional mixed bag of 15 other tuna Headed to Baja mexico--Here's a fww boats headed that way-- send in you info- might help to have someone bring down a part or two!

Most of that swell as backed off- seas fair and calm some lump to it, a mix of sea - waters lost some of it;s clarity- baits showing on the 14 but not much else, several boats out searching-- three cast no bites-.

Hot Reels releases one 32 minutes on 30 dacron he was towards the east end of the Island 72 degrees 1: Charisma comes in early today from yesterdays Marlin fishing-.

Todays mid day slack tide and a little bit of wind and swell up should bring about some action-- AIS has a dozen boats or more working from the A-Bank to the rigs , 14 and shipping lanes The Great Marlin Race-- - two years ago-- On September 30, Hooked Captain Geoff Hersch deployed the first tag of the race on an estimated 36 kg 80 lb striped marlin after a minute bout with angler Jeff Acampora.

After deployment, Fish 1 traveled south for about one month to the southern tip of the Baja peninsula. Then, the striped marlin made a couple of loops in that area for another month before heading southwest into the Pacific.

After traveling to about 3 degrees north of the equator, the fish then turned northwest and swam in that direction until the tag popped off above Hawaii!

Those last ones were like 15 lb er's, they were in the 60 lbs-- we just lost a whopper!! Get on top of the meat-- throw some bait, we got two triples last couple of times we got on em' there biting-- you know the drill just pull up to the meat- and throw some sardines in the water-- Control it got cut off?

Stand by we're pulling on the second fish, one cut the other off- Looked like the shipping lanes between the 14 and A bank and the oil rigs was the hot spot Almost a June Gloom atmosphere here today-- overcast warm- light wind from the south seas calm light mix to it- building swells this weekend from the south-- made two casts, no bites quit.

You guys have a swordfish rig?? E-Mail this morning We headed out of Newport looking for tuna a full bait tank of sardines and Mackerel.

Went towards the and it was lifeless so headed to Windy and overcast so tracked back up to the We got a knock down on the daisy chain cedar plug around Saw it was a Marlin.

Long time friend Don Kemby dropped back a mackerel at and we watched it inhale it. My son Duncan Wilson brought it to the boat for his first Marlin a Great team effort!

Came back in to try around the 14 mile bank and found 5 seiners wrapping Bonitas. See where our bows pointed-- that's where there were all those crashing tunas-- Parker on the , this is the Cabo off your side- -- you had any luck had one short bite, we've done well on the Halco and a hex head purple and black -- about a half dozen they'd range from 25 down to --what color Halco?

San Clemente Island looks to be open for fishing this weekend -- pay head to the weather and swells Anybody fishing the ?? You know it slow when guys "on the water" are calling in here via to ask me if I've heard anything?

Just had a couple feeders up-- you just getting to the zone? We're on our way to clemente-- we're on the ridge now -- we didn't see anything interesting all the way you into dolphins-- I got you we'll cruse over your way-- drag some cedar plugs-.

We worked it for quite a while just about to give up on it -- when we got a really nice one--! Boy oh Boy was that ever a big fish!

Hazy blue, inland hazy gray seaward- light west wind 2- 4 kts- seas calm, wind light, mix of seastate- Made three casts, one nice 10 inch spotted bay bass- quit-.

AIS shows the local sportboat fleet chasing the smaller grade tunas, skippies and yellowfin from the southeastwards. Hunt Tournamet tomorrow for the Tuna Club of Avalon- - martlins and tunas the goal Heaver marine clouds this morning- almost a light fog-- wind light from the west-- seas calm a mix of sea , Warm water pushed in towards the coastline-.

Areas of fish on Monday dried up on Tuesday- - birds and bait disappeared-! Looking forward Cedros Island and Turtle Bay looks to get wet and windy early next week- -!!

Took the day off yesterday -- went fishing for marlin in my skiff- had the old Zane Gray blue and white teaser out there bobbin an weaving around -starboard side, a set of lifelike plastic sardines rigged in an enlarged umbrella rig -port side , looked real fishy and the rigged ballyhoo looking like a snake back there just swimming along-snaky like- in dark rich blue warm Clemente Islands was reported slow so far this morning-- Full Moon?

West wind picked up clearing out that cloud cover-- not much else said on the radio-- boat coming down from S F said inner waters inside Channel islands offcolor- but had sea life in it- seals etc-.

Feels like it too- a different set of morning coulds today-- seas calm- light swell nice-. Went 2 for 5 over the last two days below the 14 Mile Bank.

Upcoming the Tuna Club of Avalon will host their Hunt Tournament -- one of the last of the season- - Light Dacron line for the marlins and heaver Dacron lines for the Tunas -- if if you really got brave - using linen fishing thread lines!

Just in, 20 lb Cortland Dacron fishing lines also stocked are 30, 50, and 80 lb test Dacron in buld spools- sorry no 12 or 8 lb Dacron Light marine coastal clouds haze -Light west wind early-- forecasted to blow 20 midday west- light wind chop on otherwise nice seas for now Caught on the 14, A Bank and the Rigs.

Another look at the changing water temps and Chlorophyll. Soon to be heading south are dozens of sportfishers-- from aquick water temp review it looks nice and warm off Mag Bay Seas calm with a light roll to it- light wind ripple on it-- nice Full moon building We had radio troubles just got the hand held working we had a double on the ,.

That's the second bite we got off that tournament lure-- is that with the palm tree leaves out or laid flat, I'll have to check-.

Reel Five-O this this the Hooker-- The fleet's circling the outer oil rigs!! There's maybe 5 ot 6 marhin release so far today Reel 5- O ya picking me up Dan-O -- Flying Fish also hooked up with Kingmill the angler the crew putting on their garb as well as the angler-- grass skirts- coconut bras and hula looping adds to their points over Reel 5- O ya picking me up Dan-O - another hook up-- 2: And the days radio sparks agiain with another- Reel 5- O ya picking me up Dan-O - something- and - 59 3: Prospector calls in grass skirts and all-- Reel 5- O ya picking me up Dan-O - 4: They were biting there this morning-- but the Navy has other ideas about fishing there They scientist were doing some archival tagging on the Bluefin these past few days three different tags in one lb fish released.

JD, Here is a picture of Todd's 2nd fish before 8: Todd said conditions are good! The marlin fleet out and about couple of marlin bites between the inner banks and up towards the rigs-.

We got a jumper here- - couple around anyway thanks buddy we had a jumper the other side of that break-- 14 that's all we've seen in the past hour- Said they were finding skippies 7 inside the area and a couple of jumping dorado on a kelp-- others inside and below them towards Oceanside by a war ship reported offcolor green water- bluer outside them.

Oil Rigs off Huntington- they were still looking for bird schools Orcas' still hanging around, lots of common dolphins off the coastline the Killers were swimming amongst them.

We're next to that paddy where that marlin was hanging-- our slow trolled mackeral got crushed! Good weather and poor fishing resulted in 4 fish being released by 11 entered boats.

First place went to Brett Bannerman's "Skol" with two releases. Second place with one release was Jim Dal Pozzo's "Hydrocarbon".

G Miller and crew took third place with one release. Sleeper this moring on the 14 that didnt bite and some more jig bites and a few tailers off the East end of the island Creak CreakCreak each step betrays me as I crept down that old wooden staircase wondering to myself of how many others have also creep down these same stairs in the dark morning hours not wanting to wake the others upstairs.

Yet they too would soon be up and about to test their skills in this sport of deep sea fishing. Wow—what a scramble during that midday bite , now to sort it all out , as a precaution I had taken a little tape recorder along to reconfirm all the boats, anglers, tackle and times, only one double check was needed to confirm a 16 lb vs 20 lb fish was hooked— Pleasant up there —no noise other than a few birds chirping and fluttering in amongst the shrub and cactus beds- couple of hiker passed by with a wave, saw an big old shaggy buffalo and what a nice view from up there- till next year.

Morning light west wind with the sky blue and hazy light wind chop on that mix of sea-. Kick off Wednesday at the Chicken Coop starts at 6: Couple of interesting images of the water temp L and that of chlorophyll charts R.

Light blue sky after some morning coastal clouds left us-- wind fair from the west early light wind chop with it-. Quite a feww boats out today fishing both the marlins and tunas had good bait and bird life 71 degrees.

Dorado under the paddy's.. Can't find any paddy's". The shop will be open from 12 till 5 pm , Thursday, Friday and the weekend-- probably closed on Monday-- JD.

Nice morning weather for the inner waters- gray sky, gray ocean flat and calm-- by mid morning marine coastal clouds still lingering light southwest wind kts- Weather on the outside starting to blow up L ast minute rigging of tournament tackle and strategies developing as the Fridays morning start approaches quickly-.

You are invited to participate in the oldest and most prestigious all-release marlin tournament on the west coast. A kick-off party will be held on Sept.

Tournament fishing will begin with a radio start Sept. Fishing ends at 4: An awards banquet and raffle will be held 6: For more information visit our website at http: Avalon Billfish Challenge Sept and 18th or Email: Wind light and refreshing from the south 8- 10 knts-- seas light bump and wind chop.

Something about a life-raft up on the beach red rock and some debris in the water- commercial boat?

Do you need any bait-- no we just hung one on the iron- Not as much bait showing this morning off Catalina-- only one fish up in the teasers.

Just south of the a paddy with a couple of boats on it-- to the third boat aproaching saying three's a croud and to keep on moving Tournament time-- Mumms been the word but there's still good fishing goring on especially for those Bluefin out behind Clemente-- "LR boats out of SD been clobbering them" The island's got some Navy restrictions this week but look open Thursday.

They said the wanted to buy it a rubber flying fish not a yummy but the original rubber flying fish-- years ago while digging in the bay here in Newport looking for worms at low tide 4 am-- my feet got tangled up in some sort of wire on the bottom- tripping me into the drink-- frustrated and dragging up this heavy wire and glob of mud attached to it.

Morning coastal and ocean fog, inland warm and sunny- seas calm and not much wind maybe 1 2 south- seems a fair numbers of fishermen out today- Sorry to say the foul mounted crowd back at it again-- rudeness is not needed on the VHF radio, Grow up- speech like that is for pimply faced teenagers who aren't mature yet- The oceans big and deep, we need all the friends we can get out there He said they ran over to Clemente to fish the giants-- sickle fish he called them, meaning their large rear spines in their dorsal fins roaming schools of maybe 8 - 10 fish at a time, the big lb fish-- chasing up some bait-- they run and gun seeing their sickle up fining and try to get the balloon and rigged flyer over to it-- blow ups and missed bites- ahaa- then they were gone- never metered them after that-.

Clean release, even got the hook back Don P. They've stopped the boat three or four times so far-- they're about a half mile for me-. We've been watching the meter marks --about ft deep --they're the ones we want-- they won't come up-- another voice chimes in they will when the sun comes out-- Just south of the 14 just got a skipjack-- wa ters a little warmer in here-- we're going to Zig- Zag our way down 12 something like that off the beach-- Sounded like someone was baiting either a swordfish or a marlin-- get a bait on it-- 1: Wow Wow he's on fire-- couple of rods some teasers and their doing it-- -- they're starting to snap -- get ready -- they were in that exact bit of water -- 2: One fish released around the cornor a few minutes ago We're right on top of the -baiting another fish b efore we go in-- 5: SkipjackWe're on the got a marlin on- right behind the boat-- thank you go get em-- 5: Nice weather for most of the day once it cleared off-- still light winds inner waters Overcast almost dismal looking-- seas OK with a light wind from the west- swell low with some light wind chop-- good traveling and seeing weather Several boat headed to the island for an weekend adventure-early today-- - others out to San Clemente looking for Yellows, Dorado and the different sized tunas-- from Med to Ex Large-.

Ah -Skipper on the were baitfish or on the troll-- on the porpoise? Headed towards the and found a nice paddy about 2 miles inside the bank, first cast was instant and we had a double on the Dorado.

Second cast I handed off to Terry which was instant as well, this was a big Bull and after about 40 minutes on 20 lbs, Terry tapped out and I put the wood to that bull.

We ended up with 4 before that paddy became a parking lot. Rest of the day was filled with wind, whitecaps and cold beer!

Master's Boundaries extended to a nautical miles from the Newport's bell buoy. We're here off Farnsworth there's tuna here-- couple seiners too-- some guys were flying kites we came all the way down from the Channel Islands dirty ugly looking water al the way-.

Thunderbird just came back in this afternoon -- looked like some nice catches -- fishing Clemente - private charter for the Dana Angling Club Still a west morning wind and it blew weat all day yesterday-- a steady kts--seas have a light lump and wind chop to them- -.

Went to the BAC's Master Angler Tournament meeting last night- to help finalize some matters and put things together before the event-- -- and I guess like some other board meetings individual expressions get let out of the bag- or some repressed - depending on personalities.

Confirmed were the the new IGFA ruling on fishing line s whereas you can use a continuous length of line tied directly to the reel spool, or use backing as specified below: The use of backing is permissible.

The catch shall be classified under the breaking strength of the first This section must be comprised of a single, homogenous piece of line.

Leaders T he length of the leader and double line is determined by line class. For line classes up to and including 20 lb. The combined length of the double line and leader shall not exceed 20 feet.

The leader on all classes of tackle over 20 lb. The combined length of the double line and leader is limited to 40 feet. The slips must be brought in, telephoned or emailed to the BAC prior to In addition, the score sheet must be brought to the location of the dinner for confirmation on September 16, Fishing hours shall be 6: If unable to make contact, the boat must relay their hook-up information through another tournament boat to Tournament Control or the Committee Boat.

Radio control has a good chance for broadcasting from high atop Catalina's Black Jack mountain- so everyone will be able to be heard-- hopefully- JD.

And the question on boundaries- comes up- - looking back into the archives of the BAC records it's revealed that at one time the radius extended miles from Newport -- over time it was reduced to 90 miles maybe small boats vs big boats?

Windy moat of the day looks 15 kts for most of the time offshore this weekend And Kea Kai came in the harbor yesterday--flying their laundry-lot's of it-- - Last weeks catches The Osborn Bank is West of it's westerly boundary and fishable but you have to watch it if you troll back towards SBI for anchorage.

I'm up here five or six off the -above it- but I can run to you if things develop Backside of clemente still active for those giant bluefin-- more over the lb mark every day now--scarry to think of next year's lbers-- -.

Bait boat-- bait boat - -- any bait boats at Catalina have any flying fish for sale bait boat-- bait boat -- no answer--!

Had one good blow up on the Yummy flyer-yesterday- -- - big fish just missed the hook-- it shredded the flyer- tore off it's wing-!

High overcast with a light west wind-- maybe 50 6 kts-- seas calm light wind chop-ripple on it-. Couple of Emails this morning-- Congrats to Bill Mc aboard his Agitator releasing a fish by himself 80 years young- and some tunas behind Catalina.

Saw 7 breezes on the way in, one in a 4 pack but no one wanted a bridled mackerel. Labor Day the 3rd of Sept-- Overcast and a bit cooler- water offcolor and not exciting-- the lawn needs mowing and yardwork to be done-.

Fish report-both good or bad still needs to be expressed--E-mail this morning-- JD, Went to Catalina for a last hurrah fishing trip, which turned out to be not so hurrah.

Water was off-color disgusting brown all over until we got around Long Point, then it blued up nicely west of LP.

Not many flags flying for the amount of boats coming back into the harbor this afternoon better luck next week-- -- Kai Kaen came in with two release flags Light overcast a spot of drizzle here and there-- wind from the south soft at kts-- better than forecasted seas calm but a cross X lump with it Radio reception from up north, limited but from what I discerned there were only a few boats up there fishing yesterday - seeing a fish fish marlin but limited coverage and not very fish were hooked.

We're lucky to even see a 5 - 7 b Bonito these years-- if you get the chance for some morning fun- put some smaller feathers out , go fast enough to get some white water behind the boat and look for some birds 2- 5 off the coastline now Bumpy in the moring hours by noon and beyond it was much better - but not much better on the fishing for those elusive Tunas- I did hear of one sailboat travling south out of Catlainas and near the having seen a big bunch of tuna come up.

In the afternoon hours several boats came in th harbor flying dorado flags-- no tuna flags! A bit on the overcast side- a light south wind 8 9 kts - seas fair and travelable bumpyeven for bigger boats.

Boats were turning around with some of the bump- having a shot or two at fish- now trolling feathers for more-.

We got one good bull ; I worked back up towards the 14 - cooler up there 67 degrees - and plenty of good kelps up here-- but no fish under them.

About a mile outside the point- Dana? Reported that Andy released one today and the other couple of boats up there had chances-- -.

Hazy blue above, seas fair with a light cross mix of swell- light west wind early What's going on- oh not much-- just trying to stay out of the weather-- scratchy report-- hung a couple of yellows - sea lions got em', some bonito-- Coronado Islands.

The story on Flying Fish-- frozen from Baitmasters- --Not available till next year! Weather kept on the fair side-- reported a lb tuna from the A Bank yesterday on a Popper!

Bright blue sky with a light high wisps of clouds-- inner waters calm mornings till noon -outer waters west swell and win d building tonight to get ugly 30 kts Friday, strong Eddie from the south developing friday and sat mornings - Sunday and Monday look great- - Stand By!

We just got 6 of em'-- 6 for I beleive they were Yellowfin outside the la Jolla Canyon-- We had a Another quick look at water temps 65 to 78 degrees left and Chlorophyll Right.

These fish are biting-- it's full speed on the deck We up to maybe 50 so far and a couple of Dorado-- Wind backed off late afternoon hours - still very quiet on the radio today-- not sure waht happened off the backside of Cat today- yesterdays fish 8 off the island 4 5 outside farnsworth.

Not sure if it's considered fair game- Years ago during some of the World Tuna Tournaments in the mid 50's, East Coast stuff-US vs UK, South America, Those big tunas when they were hooked in the southern deep waters just spooled them- bigger and bigger reels were developed and many methods we use now were formed then- - some good, some well maybe on the shady side- To keep the fish from diving deep- Alka Seltzer tabs were wrapped with aluminum foil inside a rigged bait, when the strike was made the foil was torn and the fizzing foaming seltzer would get into the fishes stomach --preventing it from diving down far!

Wind ruffled water greeted the boaters out this morning-- light wind texture to a otherwise calm sea- Wind from the west feeling a bit like Falls in the air-- Looks like a mix of Cirrus and Altostratus clouds above.

Boats out on the chasing dorado-- - the Marlins grounds up north has slowed down it's been quiet for a couple of days Radio quiet again today-- Couple of boats headed to Catalina to get there before the next holiday's rush Mid to late afternoon sun and the cleansed air making for a beautiful day, wind backing off but looks to be blowing hard up north and out west-- Stand by-- Sat looks much better-.

With the advent of both Marlins and these Giant Tunas the use of a rigged Ballyhoo bait comes up- here's a basic about them, remember to loosen them up a bit before deploying them-- Pre-soaking them in a brine solution helps to toughen them up as well as adds to their shinning color-.

A view of a week ago's left water temps 64 to 78 degrees and that of yesterday - right seems like were degrading in warmth.

Another nice morning coastal clouds still lingering around-- but the sun will get them later today - good mid day slack tides periods this week stand by for Broadbill Swordfish catchers- along with Striped Marlin and Giant Pacific Bluefin Tuna- and the smaller game just as prized with Dorado and Yellowtail in the mix- Good Luck JD San Clemente's Islands Security Web sites shows much of the island to be open this coming weekend- starting at 3 am on Sat morning and opend till Tuesday night-.

Call this morning-- asking if we still had any frozen flying fish left-. He said they were trying to catch the flyers last night at Catalina- failed- - seals got to them before they could reach out and get them as they swam by in the light-- a extra long handled net works better-- JD's Has them!

Reports on bait making here in Newport this morning-- OK - with water at 71 degrees- and a good amount of mix to the sizes - West jetty yds- squid tipped on the LJ's and a couple cans of cat food help s Took the grandson out fishin', only one small spotted bay bass but lots of birdnests and fun!

Nice morning-- a little bit of evening breeze left after the some came up light overcast sky- seas calm with a small west lump to it- wind textured by noon west-.

Back side of Catlaina giant tuna- north to the Channel Islands Marlins. All big fish-- don't think any of them were under lbs- - one was closer to than lbs-- Swagger went 7 for 16 strikes,.

Water south-- 76 degrees and off color green-- a few bonitos jumping around, some bass in the kelps nothing to shout about Quote of the day-- we went down to the , up to the saw a few but they didn't want to bite-- - we got skunked!

They said it was nice on the water today-- but not many fish found, a westerly came up coastlines afternoon hours- weather looks fair for the next few days windy up north next wek-.

Better luck next week- remember they only get bigger the longer we wait-- do we want lb Bluefin! And Decker with a lb fish too!

Not sure waht happedn so far in the Linen or Benifit tournament for the Tuna club of Avalon-- will get a report later today-.

Afternoon call-- report form yesterday-- they had been out chasing a few dorado below the -- ran out to the and worked down towards the inside ridge- they came up from 3: Windy afternoon-- 28 kts- he said-- others said nice and not the wind that had been forecasted -- green water over much of the ocean-- 73 degrees and not many paddies For more informationvisit our website at http: Recveied in yesterday the Circle Hooks for the Masters-- 1, of em'!!

Others made the crossing to Catalina this morning- finding some nice big kelps but no ones home, or those at home didn't want to come out and play Back side of catalina had the action with a couple of LR sports back there chasing tunas-- marlins there too-.

No word yet on the Benifit tournament today-- I think most of the boats were working the backside of Catalina, from Cat Harbor Canyon and along the Catalina encarpment.

South of the 4 5 miles-- mine was a free swimmer- nice bull-- there was another under it-- yea-- you say there were more over by that paddy next to at tender to the freight-- that paddy was or less yards from that freighter-- those fumes are strong downwind from it-- hope that paddy drifted away from them-.

If I remember right-- about a month ago- that Bluefin bite slowed down just prior to that Full Moon-- Building moon phase now. Today's the Linen One -- tournament for the Tuna Club of Avalon - only pre's antique tackle allowed- tomorrow they upgrade to Dacron line use only for their Benefit tournament Seems the tuna moves on-- I've been everywhere-- the bait left -- there is bait below the osborne -- waters looks right - good color-- maybe thats wher they went?

We spent most of the morning trying for some of that smaller yellowfin 8 miles below pyramid head with the 6 and 9 thread lines lines for the Linen One- - but all we did-- was watch the seiners wrap the fish all around us Hi JD Got this today on vintage gear in linen one.

Fish of a lifetime! This is the largest locally caught and weighed tuna on Tuna Club regulation antique tackle since !

Ash wood rod and J. Yea they eating the mackerel real good-- , you get a marlin in there-- good- that same area? Hansen and Steve Behrens.

Couple three boys were in this early afternoon- they had been out in their small skiff- looking for the dorado's-- didn't find any- - headed up towards the HB flats-- to chase the Yellows-- found a few bird schools maybe 10 or more with yellows under them -- had several bumps and a hook up but lost it-- - so there's a few fish around on the flats- - good casting outfits- help- Colt Snipers with Spinning tackle the ticket!

Lost one on twenty-- backside of the island with all those birds- went through them - got bites both times going throught them Newport's sardines were said to be fresh and lively good enough for yellowtail and dorado bites out past the 14 towards the Hoose released a marlin today on the Prospector first one on the boat!

A lot like yesterday-- but cleared off earlier-- light southwest wind 4- 6 kts due to swing west this afternoon-.

Competition starting to develop between anglers and divers-- who's got what paddies to themselves The Navy being sure to insure the vessels in it's area to be aware of their live firing exercises Standing- by- - San Clemente Island Security.

We came down from the not much bait -- it's the same all the way-- one bunch of tunas and that was it-- it's either the moon or the stars, Im not sure which - hope it gets better-.

Words out the tuna were on the today- - foamer around 2: We were East of the island Clemente - down to the 43 up to the never saw any breaking tuna fish all day- - saw four or fish marlins had one bite- spit it-- there were reported a couple swordfish seen that way 's that's way we headed that way Saw the biggest school of porpoise I think I've ever seen-- probably 5 6 miles long heading west chewing up a lot of bait in their path -- yea they don't leave much behind-- -.

Looks like getting behind Clemente going to be tough with the Navy activity-- All that dried up back there yesterday!! With the craze for th.

Tough to get these dorado to take anything-- they were on some of those really small baits under the paddies This weekend the Tuna Club of Avalon will be hosting one of their prestigious tournaments of the year the Linen One-- where antique tackle only to be used-- Linen line- Bamboo or wooden rods and reels made pre, Pacific Bluefin Tuna the goal Found ourselves just N.

Of -- got a good bite on the Xrap , pulled some line and fell off - --a Marlin followed one of the jigs back in , got the drop back on him at the swimstep!

And successfully repelled the boarder! Inspected Xrap and he was all over it KC. Found a 2 pack got two bites one on ballyhoo and one on Mac.

Captian was Swaggers owner Bruce B. Great times had by all. E-Mail this morning-- Hi JD, We ran 70 miles from Newport to the to the to the to the 14 for one little yellowtail that weighed in just shy of 16lbs.

Better luck next time Gray calm morning- light wind texture to the water-- not much of a mix of swell-. Words cannot describe the patriotism and American pride we all felt last night.

The evening was simply magical. Thank you again to our wonderful vets and our yacht owners for supporting this great event.

Thank you to all who supported us. Next year planning is already under way, but in my opinion no matter how big this event becomes, the inaugural first annual event will never be duplicated.

It is that special. Check out the video of WWII planes fly by. More photos and videos will follow as we sort things out.

Official weight was lbs. Waiting for tournament results now. Dorado fishing- improving-- even local San Pedro party boats catching em-- 75 degree water-- kelps by the oil rigs Great trip with a stellar crew!!

Abalone Point-- holding a school of Yellowtails just on the north side of the rocks Light fog and humid here on the beach-- clearing wind as the inland warms up- The Pacific Bluefin Tuna phenomena continues - one for five - all over and one close to lbs- Back si de of Clemente-- these fish are getting bigger and their teeth are also growing lb fluorcarbon leaders being chewed off- at the boat-.

Scattered radio reports say very few paddies were holding-- one out of 31 one guy said-- and that one paddy they didnt want to bite-.

Waters Hot-- earlier in the day they were saying Wahoo-- Wahoo on a kelp paddy no -- what he really was saying it was some Yahoo who had come into a paddy spooking all the fish-- but warm waters are bringing in warm water fishers-- Spearfish hooked off Catalina on a marlin jig-- lbs beautiful fish!

Morning gray high overcast leads to good on the water visibility mix of swell and chop low greeted those out this morning-- by mid day it had backed off for a while picked up afternoon- Water temps dropping and condensing towards the Oceanside area- W.

We hope it helps all those in need, its a start- JD. Bad Co on a triple. All vets hooked up on monster Bluefin.!

We put the Navy guy in the skiff.!!!! Between the and paddies had Dorados-- west of Ocenaside there's doplhins with tunas but not biting The came up for us around 11 am yesterday-- we'd spent the morning's dawns hours without a bite- don't think the fleet either had much luck- we worked up the line towards the west-- th ey came on the around 11am- all over the place-- got the kite up with a frozen flyer- wham!

Did you see what kind of fish it was? It'sd a little crazy- seeing all these fish and they wont take anything must be little baits We hooked a big BFT on a yummy flyer at 1: I fought it for 4hrs before tapping out to our son Jack who fought it for another 2hrs.

He tapped out and my husband Jason finished it after another 45mins. Long fight but worth all the pain! It was a mean fish that did not want to die.

Taped out at So stoked to have gotten in on that bite!!! E-Mail Hi JD: Going to weigh it in Saturday! On the kite on the Apollo this morning- an close up image reveals Red Crabs spit up too!

Took team effort including me and 4 gaffs. The entire boat shuddered when this beast hit the deck. Epic trip on the Apollo. And this is just day one of a two day weekend trip!

Coastal cloud cover giving way mid morning to a hazy blue, oceans calm with a mix of swell off shore just a low swell light wind texture to the water.

The weekend promises to be good. Reports of Dorado some 10 miles off our coastline not real giants but catch able 8- 12lers -the live small greenback mackerels help-.

A steady flow of boats headed out the harbors this morning- the crossings to the islands look gentle and pleasant Last nights kick off for the WHOW an tribute to the War Heroes on Water was needed - it brought together the sportfishing community to aid in a much needed cause-.

As a salute to all those men and women and their families of the Armed Forces where ever they may be Past, Present and those who sacrificed the most-- it would be honorable if every boat out fishing this weekend would fly the American Flag!

The tournament will host 25 American Heroes who have greatly sacrificed for our freedom. We have partnered with Freedom Alliance to select our Veterans and create a once-in-a-lifetime event.

We're just coming south from the lots of yellowfin on the 43 small fish Pending World Record-- Pacific Bluefin Tuna by Ali Pfleger on 30lb Tackle- lbs-- Earlier she had hooked and fought an absolute monster of a bluefin for 3 hour battle having lost the fish at the leader right at the boat!!!

The crew, her dad and all were were defeated - Nope-- She says "I'm not Done! Mackerel catching out front of Newport - better in the deeper water ft depth maybe up towards the Balboa or Newport piers better- the smaller stuff was at the harbors entrances-.

Good Luck tomorrow-- wind again stay from the south all day--fair- swells building Nice- morning coastal clouds just holding back the sun- mix of light wind at it's interface, seas calm nice.

Yellowfin-- how big- where you at- - saw the breezes, then saw the foamers-- that was on the troll? Nice weather like this and the tides are starting to flatten out mid afternoon - expect to see willy around with a afternoon marlin bite this weekend- stand by-.

Water temp images 68 to 78 degrees and Chlorophyll-. See that bird school off my bow-- we're here off the East end doing pretty good-- come on in-- 2: Thinking about deep dropping for Broadbill Swordfish this season-- here's a diagram of a proven method.

Beautiful day- light coastal clouds, maybe 2 3 kts from the southwest seas calm and fair- we should both be out fishin' Swordfish off Crystal Cove in fthms, photo from Nick at emwexcursions.

Cory Wells the Angler. Quiet afternoon on the radio Afternoon west wind slowing things down a bit-- a few bass and halibuts - there were some dorado mid channel too!

Sunday the 12th- Another hot and muggy day - sky's fair and blue- light south wind- coastal marine to the west-. The one's last night were along that to 1, fot ledge , then the fleet split up - half to the west the othe half to the east - - they came up this morning - went on for about an hour or so- just as the sun was just hitting the top of the island.

Keep your eyes open and looking for Willy-- he's around-- Deep drop method took a fish this past thursday-- an Est. T hey came back into the harbor with dorado, yellowtails and tunas flags flying!

Time Out BYC 3rd: Joe Flexen BYC 2nd: Still warm and muggy-- but it's sill a good day B aby Granddaughter born this morning -mon and baby girl doing well- 6.

Sounded like Andy released a fish-- and someone else also had a fish too- Limitess scored well for Carl with his two fish on 50 dacon-- that's tough fishing-- no rail rod fishing!

First fish in 30 minutes. S econd one in 4 hours and 40 minutes. Both on 50 Dacron. I will be ordering more soon. The second one humbled me like no other fish!

Couple of rigging tips-- JD. Warm and sultry- swell at the harbor's entrances- and surf spots-- otherwise fair sea- wind 2 kts south-.

We'll they got a couple of Dorados-- one about 20 on a bait Sportfishers out of SD targeting the waters off Encenada and adjacent inshore banks for thr yellowfin and dorados-- and skipjacks too!

Hot and Humid-- coastal marine some relief-- seas starting to be influenced by stuff-. They said there were Wahoo's around and reported a Blue marlin lost after several hours of battle!

W're in tha bubble of warn hot water and the inland heat contuines to warme it- reporte yesteday outsie the 14 Mile Bank Those elusive flying fish yep Baitmasters is completely sold out-- be awhile before more are obtainable-- I guess a long handled net and a ride to Catalina or Clemente is needed-.

We're just coming up to a fleet of maybe 7 boats here on the guess we'll start trolling from here in - - how'd ya do on the tunas- - oh-- we got a few-- 6 -8 and a yellowtail-- all on the troll-- yesterday afternoon we had em' up a great big area of lbers-- cast the poppers-- jigs-- just didn't want anything we had-- this morning we found em's again-- big school again casting the poppers, jigs just couldn't get the to go- then two seiners came in and it was over-- had em all around the boat incradable-.

Sad to see our skies filled with smoke -and the devastation these wildfires cause-. Phew it's hot even here on the beach-- blue sky seaward- hazy brown inland.

He was taking the next group out Broadbill Swordfish watching! Boats out searching the local waters haven't seen a thing maybe 1 out of 15 kelps hold a few shy dorado that didn't want to bite It was pretty good on the macks for the tails-- -- till the dogs got got on us-- pulled out of there got on on the rapalla, where are you-- on the weatehr side of South Island --that place lit up yesterday afternoon evening Boats worked from the shipping lanes to the A Bank this morning-- offcolore warm water - no kelps not much, blue and lots of bait showing but no strikes yet Yesterday they had 9 hook ups-- landed five-- 30lb Yellowfin -all came on the natural cedar plug trolling- bird life porpoise , water 72 degree s they're bite started on the the the fish seemed to be moving up the ridge towards the before they quite -- today back at the same spot-- different day-- different water-- water temp dropped to 69 degrees -no bird life there only a few big pilot whales hanging around-- no fish- no signs of them -- - good chance they went around and up the back side of the island.

There is a Potluck Porch Party tomorrow, August 8th at 5: I hope everybody can come down and chill as we enjoy the fabulous view, yummy potluck vittles, and cold refreshing beverages.

Whatever you do, don't turn on the oven unless you have air conditioning! I hope to see you tomorrow! In the meantime, stay cool!

Local inner club yacht clubs going first-- them the big guns arrive-. This event is an opportunity for the southern California sport fishing community to give back to people that are true American heroes, people that have made the ultimate sacrifice to so that the rest of us can live free and achieve the American dream.

Yesterday's water and chlorophyll carts fog and marine layers covering today's image-. From yesterdays gathering there were a few of the lb class Pacific Bluefin tunas caught in the late afternoon hours outside San Clemente's' Desperation reef 81 fathom to the 86 banks- some of the smaller yellowfin were seen splashing around the top of the bank -the bigger Bluefin were on the edges of the bank- Boats took their fish with squid.

Availability of Gyro-- limited, at this time there's one pair of the Fraser's Mariners left , and one pair of refurbished left Got a triple-- all on jigs -no-- it was a triple on Marlin Were here on the upper 9 looks good but noithing for us so far - we're out here-- there fish!

Again overall only fair fishing-- but it looks to be improving See what this weather below us brings this coming week-- Stand By--!

Sighting of tropical bird life over the past week- Brown Boobies and it was either and albatross or a frigate seen with the description given And the marlin Boats come back into the harbor flying their flags-- Congrats- JD.

First fish seen for me this year, one cast, one bite, one boated. The last personal surface sword was 2 years ago, we casted on Hooked 6 and pulled hooks on all.

Over 70 days dedicated to surface Sword fishing last two years until this one. This is a great moment for my Captain Steve Lassley and our dedicated world class crew.

We snagged this one on the pecs. Talica 25 and Cousins custom rod. I love these purple things. Soft morning cloud cover-- giving way to a hazy day- wind light to fair from the southwest- seas ok- little lump- waters cleaning up on the outside 70 10 off the beach-.

Reported one more marlin this morning off the East end of Cat- I think Gad Zukes had the fish - other's tried for them in the same area-no other reported hook ups-- - some scattered big kelp from Cat to Clemente- empty-.

The good news is there's still a few fish around-- not a lot but with todays boat coverage there were some smaller spots of fish up-- mostly the smaller 60 stuff- but a few shots at bigger fish with poppers or the kites at fish up to lbs.

They were down wind from us- they were really big huge -- we saw that shinner Overall the fishing was disapointing for most of the boats out in search of anything-- Still seeing few tunas in the late afternoon- some boats elected to drift and soak baits for them-- still only a few bites if any-.

LLisa and I are in Panama. Blue Marlin, 3 sailfish so far. Just finished second day of fishing.

T hey completely remodeled Tropic Star main building and cabins. Beautiful original Guy Harvey paintings here too. Got one dorado and one yellowtail from under a paddy the rest of them were empty-- Scratchy report maybe off SD.

I notice that in recent days, your web site has not made any mention of any catches or sightings of them. The first caught albacore's were set free to go forth and tell the others to come on in-- maybe those hooked marlins and one killed marlin were subject to that same instinct, the one that was released went back telling the others to stay away there's danger here?

Im outside sthe maybe three miles-- good to have a triple again on the tunas-- how big were they- 8- 12lb that's all- 2: San Clemente's Security web site shows an update with the Cove open for today and the weekend-- they had completed their operations early and opened up the area- thanks- Navy!

It was a pale blue skythey rode smoothly over the seas with hope in their day, refreshed by a light west wind,. Hey JD- just got my qualifier for the Tuna Club for Marlin on 30 lb tackle , went south out of the harbor towards the Casual ride with the family, slack tide today- 2: Nice conditions afternoon radio chatter-- waters warmer up above -- it was 81 degrees on this guage--now its 79 here.

And a update on the San Clemente Security web's site - it's up again but not very good! Steve Lassley Yesterday at 6: Never sure how some of this stuff is gonna work out.

We had a diver in the skiff ready to go just in case Pulled the hook on a tanker at the boat. Bent butt in the chair.

Ate a fresh dead flier on the kite. Got chewed off on one my kid had on a sniper with 90 flouro pulled the hooks in 2 others.

Managed to catch one that taped over Both those were on our Swordfish casters. Casting off the bow into the foamers.

Willy here we come Still muggy here on the beach , salt in the air-- light west wind near the coast- building a little more this afternoon but refreshing-.

Water temps pushing the 80 degree mark around the 14 to the A Bank- but offcolor- below and to the south blue water from the down to the and tow.

Strong uphill current against the coastline-- good healthy downhill wind against it 10 am. Another boater reported catching a couple of dorado off a Kelp paddy out by the 14 this morning -mackerel as a bait.

Mornings coastal marine haze - lingering - salutry humid seabreeze at kts west-- light chop otherwise fine seas. A little better water temp image and the Chlorophyll charts from yesterday-- it's moving around First day in quite a while where there was a morning's clear sky at the beach ok light marine haze but sky sunny and warm- seas smooth with a few paths of wind ripple on it- nice.

Backside of Clemente on live squid. I think he said they had a Striper --slow t rollingbait? They reported great weather and have all day left to fish!

Their busting up all over the place-- Amazing how close the formula was said and it weighed at - 76 Length X Girth squared -- 46 x 46 divided by -- the first one we got was on a live squid down ft off a balloon and the other one was off a fresh rigged flying fish and the kite-.

This week looks to be a better weather window- enjoy summer while it's here! Morning- Gray sky at the coastline-gray to the west, almost a heavy marine layer, humid and brightening inland sun beating back that marine layer- seas good with a wind from the south, Hi Eddie as billy would say -- light wind chop on a relatively calm sea.

Southwind picked up harder then exected - kts --gray gave away to a hasy blue day. We started near the , looked good some bird life some bait-- waters blue- small dorado on the jigs-- we're over here now on the it's off color and green looking-- not much life- - How'd you do back there- - We may have quit too early Jack got one about 8: Conversations about the natural flying fish and their capture- or rigging of them -- , flyers- from open ocean come into the protected kelp beds along the coastline and offshore islands to lay their eggs-- just prior to dusk and into the dark the flyers seek sheltered kelp beds, depositing eggs to the underside of kelp blades.

Bagged, sewn and frozen for later use. Some of the old school private boat method involved a Coleman lantern lit behind a white bed sheet, strung up and funneled into a bucket.

A deck of cards, some rum and a good nights sleep found fresh flyers in the morning Some of the Long Rangers would freeze the flyers with their wings spread out, stapeled to a paper plate, later removed after the frozen riga-mortis had set in.

Like skinning cats, there's lots of ways of rigging flyers - an old salt, Harold Woods would for rig a flyer with a 3 ft length of green dacron line, a threaded needle passed though the flyers body mid section just under it's wings- wrapped over the fishes back to hold the wings in place or under them if you wanted the wings open and back again through that same hole to come out the other side- - both lines are then brought up tight along the body and passed through the fishes nostril holes, crossing them and pulled tight and knotted snug over the flyers head.

The overall rigging bridle helps keep the wings in place and the rigging crosses the baits eyes to help keep them from washing out. The wonder of tuna fishing- - you hear of the boat load of anglers making the long run out there , all day and into the night for zero or maybe one or two fish , one a a Flatfall the other on a yummy flye r, others come back saying they had bites on a slow trolled squid, or a mackerel strung out yards.

Still muggy or salty here on the beach - Coastal marine layer holding back the inland heat at least for a while but it feels like it'll sun up.

Greasy calm out there this morning , soft swells on a gray morning- not much reported so far in the catching - but boating was nice-. Tom's Fish weighed It only took him 15 minutes and he caught it at San Clemente Island on bait.

His fish fish hooked the other day -a super cow engulfed the bait and almost spooled them-- broke off. On this fish they were 5 miles above the fleet-- they metered fish on the first sweep of the sonar -- a cast bait and they were on- fish went nuts --all over the place, they were able to with good boat maneuvering and still able to keep in touch with the fish without breaking it off- Nice Catch!

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Pistä paha maksamaan Dragon’s Treasure slotissa south-- 76 degrees ottofant off color green-- a few bonitos jumping around, some bass in the kelps nothing to shout about Stayed funky all day-- never saw the sun and it remained a south light Beste Spielothek in Brunstorf finden, offshore the sun made it through towards the islands but still not much of a Sat temp water temp or Chlorophyll image today- from what I could gather from the surface charts that bulge of blue water moving up from the south continued up towards the mackerel bank this afternoon. Saw it was a Marlin. Filed under AnalMovies. Hot-- Hot-- Hotwind not as strong as yesterday-- thankfully-- and tomorrow better yet as is Monday-- maybe some thunder storm by then. The single hook drives well but it's hooking radius is limited. Sighting of tropical bird life over the past week- Brown Boobies and it was either and albatross or a frigate seen with the description given Catalina- has a steady bite on the calico--s a few Yellows and even seabass reported off the west end of the island. Muggy warm and coastal drizzle- gray morning wind light from the west 2- 3 kts Cleopatra Slot Machine - Play Free Casino Slots Online calm and flat That point just below Black Rock Catlina lots of bait balls -- black schols of bait and we saw a giant school of Yellowtail go by-there. Fußball bayern manchester waters off color but have a lot of bait in them-- Beste Spielothek in Friedrichshain finden they look Beste Spielothek in Born finden inch stuff. The style of hook must adopt to the bone Play Live Casino Holdem Online at NZ flesh. Stand by let me get the kite out-- we've got breaking fish ahead of us- Kenna wonders if they champions league gestern abend possibly meet up at some point since Judy's been in the squad for some time. Something about a life-raft up on the beach red rock and some debris in the water- commercial boat?

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